A change of tactics

Hey everyone,

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I have been really struggling for a long time on the dukan. I just haven’t been able to keep myself motivated and on track and consequently my weight has been yo-yo-ing for quite  some time now.  I have managed to do short bursts on the dukan regime but I just can’t keep it going and then I end up putting on loads of weight again.

So, I have decided that I need to get on track with something that is realistic and that I can keep going over a long period of time, after all this weight will take a while to go and I am going to have a life time of managing my weight to ensure it doesn’t creep up again and I end up a fatty again!!

I decided to go back to weight watchers, please do not shake your head in disgust! The point system is easy and varied and easier to stick to when eating out or trying to grab something on the run. I am using the old system because I am too tight to sign up again and learn the new way and I still have all the books from last time I did it.

I am making it a high protein weight watchers because I haven’t really missed pasta and bread from my day to day routine, I just miss them when I eat out or am hormonal!

I have been on it for a week and have lost 3 pounds and I can honestly say I haven’t been hungry.

So, here’s to another week of weight watchers and hopefully some more weight loss!

Laters 🙂


4 thoughts on “A change of tactics

  1. Sorry to hear you are leaving the Dukan, but I would say whatever you do..WW or what ever, quit playing around with it….stick to it exactly…..it will not work any better if you continue to make rules to suit yourself…… Good Luck

  2. Getting trapped in the yoyo cycle is just the worst thing ever. I know because i’ve been there too many times myself. My only suggestion is to be realistic about what you know you can do, so you can choose a regime that you can stick to, even if the results take a little longer. Dukan is very much an all or nothing diet so I understand that one glitch can make it easy to throw the towel in. At least on WW you can have less the next day if you eat over. All the best and keep us posted! Minnie xXx

  3. I came to Dukan from WW because I was messing about and not doing it properly- I agree it will work if you plan and stick to it but who counts points for life? I find Dukan better for me- I know what to do each day and have now lost 14 of the 20 I put on whilst at WW, even with many slips on the way. Good luck- are you still going to blog? Will you change tbeblog name- lol

  4. I’ve been struggling too. Left Dukan and planning on trying it again one more time. The purpose of all this is to become healthy and lose weight. Whether it’s Dukan or any other method. The important thing is to achieve our goals. Good luck with Weight Watchers! Keep us updated with how everything goes. We’d still love to hear from you and hear about your progress. Well done on the 3 Lbs !!

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