A change of tactics

Hey everyone,

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I have been really struggling for a long time on the dukan. I just haven’t been able to keep myself motivated and on track and consequently my weight has been yo-yo-ing for quite  some time now.  I have managed to do short bursts on the dukan regime but I just can’t keep it going and then I end up putting on loads of weight again.

So, I have decided that I need to get on track with something that is realistic and that I can keep going over a long period of time, after all this weight will take a while to go and I am going to have a life time of managing my weight to ensure it doesn’t creep up again and I end up a fatty again!!

I decided to go back to weight watchers, please do not shake your head in disgust! The point system is easy and varied and easier to stick to when eating out or trying to grab something on the run. I am using the old system because I am too tight to sign up again and learn the new way and I still have all the books from last time I did it.

I am making it a high protein weight watchers because I haven’t really missed pasta and bread from my day to day routine, I just miss them when I eat out or am hormonal!

I have been on it for a week and have lost 3 pounds and I can honestly say I haven’t been hungry.

So, here’s to another week of weight watchers and hopefully some more weight loss!

Laters 🙂


Under control

So today has been a better day. I had:

Quorn sausages for breakfast

Chicken stew for lunch

Dukan bread and scrambled egg for tea

Yoghurt for snack

I am still doing the PV days as I am able to manage those easily. I made a chicken stew for the week which was yummy and will keep me going now till the end of the week. I will have a PP day at the weekend and will schedule in two PP days for next week if all goes to plan.

The hormones are now back under control and I am not having carb cravings which is great news. I am determined that I will be 9 stone by the time I go to Paris. I CAN do it and I WILL do it!

Wish me luck 🙂

Confession time……

Sometimes it really sucks to be a girl and to have these stupid hormones that cause such bad food cravings and water retention!! So, the day after my last blog I got down to 9 stone 7 and was feeling really positive, I really thought I would have reached 9 stone 6 by today. Sadly, the next day my dreaded monthly started, I was holding water and it was showing on the scales and I had huge pasta cravings.

I completely lost will power and gave in to the cravings and have had a really bad few days.

I plan on starting a fresh tomorrow and having a good week. I have booked a few days in Paris in June and want to be down to at least 9 stone by then so I am on a mission from now on.

And there ends my confession! I know it is just excuses and I am trying not to feel sorry for myself 😦

A good day

Today I decided to go for a PP day. I woke up feeling determined and the scales showed a pound loss so I am now weighing 9 stone 8.4 pounds. I had some fresh chicken so cooked that up with some spices, made some dukan bread and I had a lovely dukan friendly lunchbox.

So, today I had:

Quorn sausages for breakfast

Chicken and spices for lunch (2 chicken breast)

Yoghurt for snack

Dukan bread with marmite and quark

Salmon fillet topped with philly xl

I am feeling ok although very tired which I think is a sign of being relatively good this week.
Tomorrow night I am eating out so I have got the menu to look through tonight so I can choose before I get there so hopefully I wont end up ordering the creamiest, fattiest dish on the menu like I normally do. I will also take a full lunch box to work tomorrow so I am feeling quite full by the time we get to eat, again to avoid over ordering!

The sunshine is a brilliant motivator at the moment. Still hoping for the 9 stone 6 by the end of the week and it feels achievable.

PV day

Today I had a PV day. I had:

Quorn sausages for breakfast

Chicken salad for lunch

Scrambled egg for tea

Dukan bread and marmite and a yoghurt for snack

Hit the chocolate tin this afternoon, whoops and a handful of peanuts, double whoops!

Weighed in this morning at 9 stone 9.4 pounds so a maintain from yesterday.

I would like to be 9 stone 6 by the end of the week so am trying hard for the rest of the week, no more whoops allowed!!!!


Hi everyone,

Sorry for not blogging for a few weeks, have been really busy with new job and long weekends etc and just haven’t got round to blogging.

In summary I have had an ok-ish few weeks. I have continued to have PV days but sadly have had some major blow outs on bank holiday days. Today I weigh 9 stone 9.4 pounds. I had got down to 9 stone 6 pounds which is the lowest I have been on this diet so far but went back up after the first long weekend.

So,  have made a plan for this week. Unfortunately for the diet I have two social events this week but I am going to introduce a PP day on Wednesday. I will try to be good this week and see how things go. I am still not ready to have PP days all the time but hopefully one a week will help and I will increase that gradually.

On a completely different note, who watched THE wedding!!! Wasn’t that dress beautiful??? Apparently the Middletons all did the Dukan diet in the lead up to the big day, if it’s good enough for them!



Ok, so today I am feeling very annoyed! Yesterday I was a model dukaneer on a PV day but this morning the scales showed a weight GAIN??? It was 0.4 of a pound but if I am honest I was hoping for a loss so I don’t understand why I have now gained. I think the most appropriate word would be ‘cheated’. I feel cheated. And I hadn’t even cheated myself!

I am however feeling quite proud of myself because despite this disappointment this morning I have stuck to the dukan regime today, albeit another PV day. I have had:

Quorn sausages for breakfast

Dukan bread with marmite and philly XL for snack

Salmon salad for lunch

Yoghurt for snack

I haven’t had any tea. Not on purpose but because I have only just got back from work and to be honest I haven’t really felt hungry. If I was hungry then I would eat.

I really hope the scales show a loss tomorrow or at the very least a maintain. I just don’t understand 😦